Ngamba Island Boat excursion

Located about 23kms of Entebbe mainland, Ngamba Island is operated by CSWCT where orphaned and rescued chimpanzees live. The fact that rescued chimpanzees find it hard to be intergrated in their natural habitats, they are brought to this island as a rescue measure. To teach people on how to conserve our closed cousins, both morning and afternoon sessions are conducted to transport people to the island in order to view chimpanzees feeding as well as listening from one of the care givers about the state of chimpanzees in Africa, threats to their conservation, what has been done and what should be done. Morning boat trips depart at 8:45am and afternoon day boat trips depart Entebbe mainland at 12:45pm. Include Ngamba Island on your Entebbe City tour for an experience of a lifetime.


Ngamba Island is also another 1 day trip or activity that you can do while in Entebbe for 1 day, here you will take a boat in the morning or afternoon to the Island that is found on the lake and it is a home to over 45 chimpanzees some of these have been rescued from black markets to be sold as pets. Here you will be able to see these great apes feeding on a platform and after an hour of your viewing you will get back into the boat and transferred back on the main land.